87% of families with children on the spectrum don’t take vacations.
You can change that…

We Believe Everyone Deserves to Travel

Traveling the Spectrum is a 6 part series that offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of three families living with autism, showcasing their heartfelt journeys toward understanding, acceptance and the joy of creating memories and discovering the world together.


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Join the ‘Traveling the Spectrum’ movement—a movement founded on the fundamental belief that everyone deserves to travel, aimed at creating a future where the joys and discoveries of travel are accessible to every family, regardless of their unique circumstances. This series is more than stories; it’s a beacon of change, highlighting the adventures, challenges and triumphs of these families, driving us to a more inclusive and understanding world.

By pledging your support, you can help pave the way for a future where every journey is accessible, and affirm that the stories and experiences of these families are valuable and necessary. It’s your chance to stand with a community advocating for inclusion, acceptance and the universal right to explore the world.

Your commitment is a spark that can change the world by amplifying the voices of these families and millions of others like them. Together, we’re not just viewers; we’re allies for change in the effort to make the world a more welcoming place, one journey at a time.

Why Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, isn’t just the beautiful setting for “Traveling the Spectrum”; it’s a trailblazer in autism-friendly travel. Recognized as a leader in inclusivity since becoming the first certified autism-friendly destination in the nation in 2016, the Myrtle Beach area offers a welcoming environment for all visitors.

From a quiet room at the airport to specially trained staff at hotels and restaurants, Myrtle Beach caters to sensory needs, ensuring a fun, stress-free vacation for everyone. Their dedication to inclusivity shines through in their wealth of autism-friendly events, amenities and supportive services.

This vibrant city offers stunning shores and a commitment to creating a delightful vacation experience for families of all abilities. Learn more about Myrtle Beach’s commitment to autism-friendly travel here.

About Traveling the Spectrum

In a world where 1 in 36 children is navigating life on the autism spectrum, the joy of travel remains an elusive dream for many.

A staggering 87% of families with children on the spectrum report they don’t vacation, not for lack of desire, but for a world not yet fully equipped to welcome them.

-Autism Travel

Yet, hope flickers bright with 93% affirming they would embrace the opportunity if only more autism-inclusive accommodations stood ready to greet them.

Meet The Cast

Through the lens of three remarkable families, Traveling the Spectrum explores the boundless potential and transformative power of travel. We dive into their lives, sharing in their moments of joy, their challenges, and their incredible journeys of self-discovery.

Max Tilk (28)

Max Tilk is somewhat of a celebrity, thanks to the heartfelt and entertaining videos posted by his brother, Jake. The two brothers have built up a huge fanbase online that love Max for his savant-like knowledge and overall joyful, curious, and fun-loving personality.

Brayden Gielink (14)

An Ohio native who loves all things sports and is very outspoken, Brayden loves to imitate sportscasters and enjoys outdoor activities. As the baby of the family, he always says what’s on his mind and likes to joke with his dad, who he calls “chopped liver.”

Mikko Hill (2)

Mikko Hill is a 2 year-old girl from Fort Hood, Texas. Mikko’s family takes a gentle approach to parenting that has earned them over 700k followers on TikTok. They are looking forward to their very first real family vacation. Not even Mom has been on an airplane before!

Traveling the Spectrum is about the importance of acceptance, understanding and support for people who have additional needs, and the huge difference that those things can make to an experience like a vacation. But more than that, it’s about love. The families featured in this series all have such a clear, complete and unconditional love for each other, a love that the viewer can’t help but feel as well. Traveling the Spectrum opens up a doorway of acceptance and appreciation for all different types of people, something that the world is always in need of.

Rosie King

Rosie King

Series Narrator and Autism Advocate

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